Therapeutic (Swedish) Massage

Techniques used in modern massage were developed by Swedish scholar and world traveller Per Henri Ling in 17th century.  He developed what he called 'medical gymnastics' to improve his physical recovery from the various and frequent fencing injuries he experienced.   These experiential beginnings incorporated 2 disciplines we now recognise as physiotherapy and massage.  

Ling truly cared about helping people to feel well and spent his whole life devoted to this cause - this is a passion all bodywork therapists share.  

Whether you go down the beauty route or the more clinical route, the basic skills you will come across all originate from Per Henri Ling's work.

Excellent for general good health, stress management, detoxification, digestive and nervous issues Swedish Massage can help everyone, from the high-flying exec. to the frail and immobile.  Every body benefits from the therapeutic touch of skilled bodywork. 

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is specific, focussing on restoring as full a range of movement as possible in joints where chronic problems or acute injury demand attention.  Deep tissue work, resistive and/or passive movements together with home care advice help with problems such as RSI, tennis/golfer's elbow, whiplash, knee and hip problems, low back pain and sciatica.  You will be required to undergo a series of tests prior to treatment to ascertain whether Remedial Massage is approrpriate for your condition.

Holistic Massage

Holistic massage is a far more gentle approach to bodywork.  Strokes are slow and long with the empahsis on balancing hormonal responses deep inside the body.  The immediate physical effect of this type of massage may not be so obvious - although you will feel wonderful - but they are actually longer lasting as homeostasis (the internal state of the body and it's organs) restores itself to it's default setting - ie Balance!

Meridians and acupressure points might also be used.  Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that Qi (energy) flows through specific channels in the body - meridians.  Dis-ease occurs when energy is blocked, depleted or excessive and can be restored by dispersing, stimulating or sedating specific meridians and their corresponding acupressure points.  

Acupressure points are simply points on the body where the meridian lies close to the surface of the skin.  

In TCM meridians are associated with the 5 Elements and the flow of energy between them - Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.  Each element has associated organs be continued!  


Often we have no problem accepting the benefits proclaimed by the pharmaceutical industry. What we may not appreciate are the origins and value Mother Nature herself has provided.  In a clinical setting, aromatherapy uses the self-same pharmaceutical properties either through massage or inhalation (other methods available) from plant and tree extracts.  

You need to be aware that because essential oils are produced from naturally grown species and processed in variable conditions it is virtually impossible to reproduce results in double blind trials.  Therefore no claim is made of the therapeutic benefit of essential oils.

Suffice it to say that the range of oils available to a trained aromatherapist, together with skilled consultation, have been known to anecdotally help with a whole range of conditions including IBS, PMS, arthritis, insomnia.  Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your condition to ascertain whether aromatherapy may help.

Natural Face Lift Massage

Working with the body's natural intergity this gentle, relaxing and effective treatment encourages the removal of toxins and sinus congestion at the same time improving facial muscle tone and blood flow.  The result?  A more radiant, glowing complexion, clearer eyes, improved cellular function and improved skin tone.  You will see (and feel) a difference!

This is offered as a course of 6 weekly treatments and a commitment to small, do-able lifestyle adjustments which support the body's immune system.


Since ancient Egyptian times, working pressure points on the feet has been used to improve and maintain health.  That's partly because with reflexology we have access to over 7,500 nerve endings, all sending signals up through the spinal cord to the brain stimulating a cascaid of dopamine and seratonin to be released.  this makes Reflexology a wonderful treatment for all stress related problems, from tension and insomnia to gut or bowel problems.  It is especially efficacious for reproductive hormonal issues.  As with all treatments, a full and comprehensive consultation is taken when any concerns or questions can be raised.  You'll be in a safe, supportive and confidential place where you're wellbeing is paramount.

Indian Head Massage

Another ancient treatment brought to the West from Ayur Vedic roots.  Here in the UK this treatment is both stimulating and relaxing, working as it does on the upper back and shoulders, moving up through the neck, into the scalp and finishing with a relaxing facial massage.  I work through the clothes too, making IHM a treatment which is non-invasive yet remarkably effective.

Pregnancy Massage

This is new and I love it!  With my 4th grandchild on the way, I thought it was time to refine my skills for the benefit of mums-to-be and the new incoming Spirit.  What a gift!

During Pregnancy Massage you and your baby will be taken care of in a very special way.  You will feel nurtured and affirmed during this gentle treatment that can help reduce stress, fatigue, muscle cramps and nausea.  You will feel protected, safe and uplifted.  Bring your dressing gown if you'd like to snuggle a while with a warm drink in our beautiful relaxation room.

Scientific research shows that massage during pregnancy encourages the release of many feel-good hormones, especially oxytocin which is essential for a positive birth experience and which baby will love! 

Treatments are carried out with the knowledge and consent of your midwife so you can feel confident you're health and wellbeing and that of your baby, are in safe hands.

And special weekend clinics (1st Saturday in the month and 3rd Sunday) make it easier to schedule into your busy week.  

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