Professional Association

Very little information is in the public domain about the industry and how it is regulated.  It's all very confusing.  So how do you know if a practitioner is bona fide with the relevant qualifications and indemnity insurance?

The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) is a professional association that operates a complementary healthcare therapist register for qualified, professional and insured therapists.

The FHT help to protect the public through their work with organisations that register and regulate people working in health and social care.

They are independent and accountable to the UK Parliament. Their reports help Parliament monitor and improve the protection of the public. The Health Committee use the performance review reports from the FHT to question the regulators they oversee about their work. They also encourage organisations to improve the way they register and regulate health and care practitioners in the UK.

Their values are at the heart of everything they and their members do.

They are committed to being independent, fair, consistent, proportionate and focused on public protection.

In order to remain on the register, practitoners demonstrate their continued commitment to those standards by providing evidence of Continued Professional Development (CPD).  CPDs can come from a range of learning activities through which they grow as professionals - workshops, research, networking and discussion groups etc. all of which ensure they retain the ability to practise safely, effectively and legally.

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